Lisa  in her little organic corn patch.  She never thought she would get so much pleasure out of growing corn!



Lisa Foucart is a non-representational painter with an added passion for printing and textiles.  Lisa started her art education in the early 80's at the Philadelphia College of Art.  Believing that it is good for a painter to know how to paint representational art she studied in the summers at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  Ultimately she graduated from the Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington, DC.   As well as being a painter, Lisa owns a company, Pete's Hankies, which are small batch, hand dyed and printed napkins and handkerchiefs.  

Lisa has shown many times in the Frederick Area, Washington DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania.  

These petite paintings were specifically painted to be shown next to Doug Zaruba's sculptures for Art-O-Matic.  Zaruba and Foucart will be showing again in November at the Jennifer Finley gallery, "Artist Angle".